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My name is Kathleen Jo and I have worked at various online companies for over a decade now:
  • Designing banners
  • Developing emails
  • Optmizing product images
  • Establishing affiliate programs
  • Managing multiple projects across different organizations
  • Writing technical articles and business requirements documentation
  • Creating forums for customers service as well as social community
  • Blogging
  • Maintaining multiple Facebook business pages
  • Live tweeting events
  • Posting photos to Instagram
  • Search engine optimizing websites and YouTube channels
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"Kathleen is just the person you need if you have a complicated IT project involving detailed work across unrelated organizations. Working with an outside agency, she managed the process of creating a new public relations blog and integrating it into Verizon’s on line forums. She was endlessly responsive and thorough and brought off the project with great skill and an always-handy sense of humor. Smart, a great listener and committed."

Eric Rabe , SVP, Media Relations,
Verizon Communications


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