This document gives an overview of the T-Mobile DevEdge IoT Developer Kit, its companion apps, and the goals of this user guide.

What is the DevEdge IoT Developer Kit?

The DevEdge IoT Developer Kit is T-Mobile's first IoT Developer Kit that is specifically built for the T-Mobile Network. Completely certified, this kit comes with a working T-Mobile LTE SIM card, so it works wherever T-Mobile's LTE service is available.

How is the T-Mobile DevEdge IoT Developer Kit different?

The T-Mobile DevEdge IoT Developer Kit comes pre-installed with the following:

  • T-Mobile's tmo_shell, an application based on the Zephyr RTOS
  • Binaries for all installed hardware

As a result, installing a development environment to create a Zephyr RTOS build image for your Developer Kit is not necessary to get started. Turning on the buzzer, switching the LED lights on, and connecting to T-Mobile's LTE network can be accomplished without creating an image build, let alone installing toolchains.

For demonstration purposes, however, this documentation will show you resources that can teach you how to install the development environment for Zephyr RTOS, how to install the toolchains, and where to find firmware updates. Please read the rest of the documentation to the left to learn more.

What's Included

What are the ultimate goals of this user guide?

To teach the reader how to:

  • Interact with the device.
  • Turn the buzzer on the IoT Developer Kit on and off.
  • Turn the LED lights on and off.
  • Connect to T-Mobile's LTE-M network.
  • Install a Zephyr development environment in order to update the device firmware.