Wedding Agenda

  • Transportation for those staying at Plaza Hotel will be provided to the Church and to the Reception. Details to come

9:30 pm - The Church Wedding -

  • Approximately 20 minute ceremony - not a full mass, no communion - a blessing. The priest is a childhood friend of the Zabalegui family who has married other Zabalegui siblings.

After the church

  • The guests go to the reception and wait for the newlyweds. Generally the guests stand and wait around for them with some Argentine wine, beer and appetizers.
  • There will be about 120 guests (most of them will be family)
  • The newlyweds will be taking pictures with the photographer while people arrive at the reception.
  • The newlyweds will arrive and a song selected by them will be played. At this time all the guests greet them.
  • The reception continues and everyone goes back to their seats. The newlyweds will go to each table for pictures and greetings. The photographer accompanies them.
  • The guests are eating appetizers and having wine - talking, visiting etc.
  • Once the newlyweds are finished doing the rounds - dinner is served.
  • An Argentine asado will be served, in which beef is roasted over an open pit fire, with salads and other things (a detailed menu to follow).
  • Once dinner is finished the newlyweds dance the waltz and a few other dances as a new married couple. Everyone can join the dancing at this time.
  • In the meantime dessert is served. The party begins!

3:00 AM

  • Around this time the dancing is paused to cut the cake, have champagne toast and throw the bouquet.
  • While everyone eats the cake - a sequence of pictures and videos of the couple is shown to the party.
  • After this we have a "Cotillion" (a Marti Gras-type of celebration) where everyone goes to the dance floor and with Rio de Janeiro-type masks and costumes, everyone dances to Brazilian carnival music (carnival carioca) - and they celebrate! This goes on for about 30 minutes.
  • Afterwards the regular dance music is played.

5:00 AM

  • A second serving of food is served.
  • The dancing continues while others eat.
  • The party starts winding down.