Step 1

Place cover over top of car as shown with elastics towards floor.

*OPTIONAL: Once cover is in place, adhere Velcro Adhesive Hook (provided) to top of car.


Step 2

Adjust back part of cover between basket and seat and fasten hook/loop piece to basket to secure cover in place. Straighten cover by pulling on sides gently.


Step 3

Lift seat and adjust elastic straps snuggly with Velcro ends. Do not over-tighten. While holding elastics on either side of seat, lower seat gently.


Step 4

Your car shade is now ready to be enjoyed!

NOTE: Some car models may require the removal of sand bottles prior to installation of car shade.

*Use of Adhesive Hook on top of car is optional since it becomes necessary in extremely windy conditions. If it is not extremely windy in your area, it is not necessary to use it. Please note that once adhesive is in use, you will not be able to remove and reuse it.


The unit fits most Club Car, EZ-Go and Yamaha golf cars. Made from long-lasting solar screen mesh fabric, air circulates through and around passenger for maximum comfort. The
see-through feature of the fabric allows the driver maximum visibility. Two Cool Golf Car Shades are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for up to 24 months. The shade is quickly removed, and it can be easily stored in a convenient Two Cool Stowaway Bag. Product is made in the USA.

Retail Price is $145.95 plus shipping and handling.
To order call 866-902-COOL, or send e-mail to

*U.S. Patent No. 6,497,444 B1

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