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National University Golf Academy

YouTube - National University Golf Academy When I first started working for National University, the Golf Academy had a two year old YouTube channel that had outstanding "how to" golfing videos on it. However, the videos had titles like Beverly - Setup for Clubs_Md.mov and Doug - One handed Club Path_Md.mov. I knew then and there that the videos had to be search engine optimized and given the proper tagging if anyone was to ever find and utilize this fantastic resource. As a result, the views for the channel have grown to over 1.5 million and the subscribers have also grown to over 2700 as of this writing. There have also been some other wonderful side effects as a result. The National University Golf Academy experienced a 95% increase in admissions via its YouTube channel in 2013. And you can also find certain videos at the top of the SERPs for such keyord phrases as chin putter.
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