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National University Polytechnic Institute

National University Polytechnic Institute Blog The commercial diving program at National University needed help with their leads and admissions. I started the blog for National University Polytechnic Institute, or NUPI, to help them with their search engine optimization. I created what I call a Lazy Man's Blog; the blog is just a bunch of images tagged with really well search engine opmitized keyword phrases, great architecture that allows spiders to crawl and index the site for maximum findability, plus titles with H1 tags that are also SEO researched and ready. As a result, NUPI increased leads by 1750% and admissions by 125% in 2013

Washington Spa Alliance

Washington Spa Alliance Blog While on the Board of Directos for the Washington Spa Alliance, or WSPA for short, I not only built the entire website out in WordPress but also established their blog. At the time (2011) the blog was attached to the press releases section of the website. You can see in the image on the right that I had created tags for the various posts, an archive section of search spiders to crawl, and even added an RSS feed in order to maximize the number of people interacting with the WSPA website.


Verizon at Home Blog In the beginning of 2009 Verizon Wireless was gearing up to join the Verizon Community. But Wireless wasn't the only one taking an interest in the Community. Eric Rabe, Senior Vice President of Communications, was looking for a place to blog to consumers about the many initiatives that were going on at Verizon. And lucky for me, I was looking for someone to blog on the Community. Thus an alliance was born and later that year, July 17, 2009, the Verizon Community welcomed it's first consumer blog, Verizon at Home, and off we went together into a brave new world.

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