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Search Engine Optimization

Throughout my career I have worked on search engine optimization projects that have ranged from forums technology to blogging to classic title, meta description, and meta keyword changes. Please scroll down to view some examples.

National University

For the keyword online university, I managed to get http://www.nu.edu to rank number #9 in the Baidu SERPs and #14 in the Google SERPs.

National University Polytechnic Institute

For National University Polytechnic Institute, or NUPI, I managed to get several keywords ranked on page #1 in the SERPs for the website http://www.nupolytech.org. Keywords included: Click on each link to see a screenshot.


For Verizon, I had a team of SEO experts tag the various threads within the Verizon forums with keyword phrases that matched highly sought after terms. The result was that 68% of the time, when someone was searching for Verizon, they would find my forums first. To learn more about my forums accomplishments, click here.

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