Kathleen Jo


Over the years I have created and maintained several web sites for work, friends, and freelancing. Below is a list of web sites as well as a brief description on what work I did/do for these sites.
Provide Commerce

Currently I work for Provide Commerce. My duties entail daily maintenance of the many Provide Commerce web sites, updating the corporate intranet, optimizing product images for web use, creating HTML emails, supporting in the development of banner production, and helping out wherever else needed. The sites include, ProFlowers, Cherry Moon Farms, Secret Spoon, Uptown Prime, Martha Stewart Flowers, and various other sites coded in either ColdFusion, ASP, or ASP.net. I am proficient in Cold Fusion Markup Language (CFML), XML, DHTML, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ASP and ASP.NET.

Provide Commerce Intranet

The Provide Commerce intranet was a mess two years ago, so I began an initiative to redesign it.

Click here to see the Pre-Redesign.
And click here to see the Post-Redesign.


Reporting.net is the web site used by ProFlowers.com affiliates to obtain links, banners, and buttons for their websites. When the network was initially handed over to me there was nothing on the site that resembled ProFlowers.com branding. It was my responsibilty to mimic the look and feel of ProFlowers.com at Reporting.net, in addition to create the banners, text links, and storefronts for the affiliate network. As a result my HTML skills grew in strength and prowess. I can now design and develop entire HTML emails, animated banners, compelling copy with in context text links, and much, much more.


TwoCool.biz was a freelancing assignment that challenged my JavaScript skills and, in the end, made me realize just how enjoyable JavaScript can be. I was originally given the lay out for the site, but had to put in all the back end functionality as well as optimize all the images for web use. The JavaScript Rollovers on the homepage were the most challenging part of the web site, but also the most rewarding.


My friend recently got married and my wedding gift to her was Zabalegui.net. Instead of sending endless updates to all her friends and family, all wedding guests needed to do was navigate to the Zabalegui.net pages and find all the information they needed. This web site took about a week to build. All the content was provided by my friend ahead of time, however, the look, feel, and navigation was mostly of my design.