Kathleen Jo


During my years at Proflowers.com I have played many rolls in the company. One of the roles that I am most proud of is being the interim project coordinator while the actual project coordinator was either on vacation or otherwise unavailable. During this time I was responsible for logging in projects from requestors, creating time tables for projects, setting expectations on deliverables, obtaining approvals for design, and managing resources within the web team as well as the quality assurance group to ensure timely delivery. In addition, I helped in the development of the Projet Initiation Request Form, or PIR for short. As time carried on this form grew into several different requests with detailed information about specific web creative.

For example, for a banner request the creative team requires the following information:

  1. Date of Submission (4/1/04)
  2. Requestor (John Smith)
  3. Department (Marketing)
  4. Review Date (4/2/04)
  5. Requested Delivery Date (4/3/04)
  6. Where the banner will appear (MSN Homepage)
  7. Design Direction (Give the banners a Valentine's Day feel. Dark reds, hearts and such)
  8. Type of banner (Flash, .jpg, or .gif)
  9. Dimensions of the banner (468x60, 120x60, 300x250)
  10. File size (12K, 5K, 20K)
  11. Banner Copy (Valentine's Day Flowers, Only $29.99)
  12. Offer (Free Glass Vase or Free Chocolate)
  13. Featured Product (Valentine's Day Roses, pID 503)
  14. Animation Required? (Y/N)
  15. Previous Examples
  16. Miscellaneous (Please try and match the colors on the MSN Homepage)
In addition, there are also built in rounds of review for this process. First the creative director gets to review the material and give her feedback. Adjustments are made and then the banner is forwarded to the project requestor. The project requestor can review the banner creative, give any necessary feedback, and adjustments can again be made to the banners. Thus completing the request.